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SINCE 2013

I am pleased to introduce myself, I am Eva Cano Ristolainen, founder of Createva. My profession is interior designer and event decorator, besides having a passion for abstract art painting. Since I was a child, I have always stood out for my creativity, energy and enthusiasm. At home, I was called “restless ass” because of my incessant curiosity.

When I became a mother, my mind was filled with new creative ideas and I decided it was time to share them with others. That’s how the Createva project was born in 2013: a creative and event decoration workshop that would bring together different craftswomen and artists with diverse creative skills.

We form a team of workshop leaders passionate about creativity, who enjoy teaching workshops and transmitting their knowledge from humility, affection, patience and, above all, passion for what they do. For a workshop leader, there is no greater reward than seeing how their students experience the satisfaction of the creative process, whether sewing, knitting, painting or making craft.



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